Acconci Chapter 9

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S.R.: I have a question that has already been touched [...] //Maybe we can go from another direction// If there are something like conceptual paradigms in the beginning, the 60s and 70s, do you think that these paradigms are still in function, or is it like we have always to renew it, always have to develop new thinking points and new approaches of conceptual work?

V.A.: You necessarily have to at least revise or renovate them according to the time. Maybe some basic principles seem to be the same but as they are revised or renovated [...] it starts to change the principle. [...] For us who were doing stuff at the end of the 60s, beginning of 70s, the notion of film, the notion of video was almost a radical thing. Now obviously I don't know if anybody can do conceptual art without trying to think with the computer, the way we were trying to think with a film camera or a video camera. So, necessarily, the time, I think, changes the principles.

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