Acconci Chapter 8

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S.R.: I would like to come to another question. You already touched that area, but for me there is one question: Do you have a specific aim or something like a goal with your work, a focus? How would you define that?

V.A.: With all the work from then to now? [...] It might be difficult. But what hasn't so much changed for me is the idea of... all my work from then to now starts with taking something that's a convention in the world [...], and what interests me in the convention is that it's immediately recognizable, it's immediately accessible to others. You take that convention and if it's so recognizable to others, now you can play with it, now you can turn it upside down, now you can twist it. [...] That's the notion of taking something that's already there and twisting it, stretching it, it's probably something that has always been a keynote. [...] The notion of person reacting to person, person reacting to his or her surrounding, person reacting to his or her culture. But not just reacting to the culture. Maybe I can nudge into the culture. [...] As one person is with another person, each person is trying to dominate the other person. If a person talks, you're forcing that other person to listen. Fortunately you can go back and forth. The person that dominates can eventually be dominated. Back and forth, back and forth. But maybe eventually you make some kind of break or bulge and you start to blend together a little bit. Maybe not blend together, because »blend together« would mean that the differences go away. The more interesting coming together is when the differences remain, so it's a kind of collision, but the differences and loose ends are still there. And I think the same thing should happen in the space. You can maybe change the space, you can stretch it out a little bit, you can bulge it out. In so doing, if spaces are built because they are allowed to be built by the dominant culture, if you can bulge the space, maybe you can bulge the culture a little bit, too.

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