Acconci Chapter 7

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S.R.: So if Minimal art [...] was a reflection form for you, is there something other, maybe literature, that had an influence on you?

V.A.: Samuel Beckett was probably an influence, Robbe-Grillet was an influence. [...] There are probably things I'm forgetting. Early stuff of mine looks very much like either a Buster Keaton movie or a Samuel Beckett play. Significantly one of the last things Buster Keaton was in was a Samuel Beckett movie. But even the appearance: I'm wearing black on a white field – every Buster Keaton movie is like that. You mentioned the word "existential" earlier, and maybe that was true, but I wanted an existential with a kind of sense of humor and Buster Keaton had that and actually so did Beckett.

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