Acconci Chapter 6

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S.R.: Yes, but the interesting thing is, and I think now I come to the second part of the question, the interesting thing is, that's one of the unanswered question for me, that all these different approaches and all these different strategies are always using, developing their own kind of, I don't want to say originality, but their own kind of self-expression, self-speaking language.

V.A.: A lot of us at that time probably would have objected to the word »self-expression« because we wanted to be an instrument of the world. We didn't want necessarily express ourselves. We wanted to re-find the world through ourselves. So maybe it's not so different.

S.R.: It can be seen as a big break in the tradition of art because suddenly there was something like minimal and then all these different approaches like conceptual art. But...

V.A.: Though, for me, minimal led very directly to the work I was doing. Minimal art was that kind of father art for me, [...] Minimal art made me rediscover the space around the art. Before Minimal art, I had either learned or been taught to look what was within the frame. With minimal art, the frame expanded. You would walk into a gallery and you would notice everything because you weren't quite sure what the art was. You would notice a light socket because that might be part of the art. You weren't really sure. That kind of expansion led very much to Conceptual art.

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