Acconci Chapter 10

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S.R.: I have only one more regular question and this is a little bit more personal. My question is: What is your ideal typical daily work as an artist. Is it possible to describe that?

V.A.: Again, I worked very differently then than I do now. I'm not sure if I was as much always working then at that early period. Because I was desperately trying to find a way for myself in the middle of actual space, I necessarily had to do a lot of pieces. But there were probably periods between pieces. Now I work very differently, now I work as part of a group of people. Then, my work was totally solitary. Then, when I thought of a camera or I thought of a film camera or a video camera, I never thought in terms of a camera person. The camera person would almost spoil it. The only work was I trying to be alone with myself. So the camera had to be there and then me. Now when I think of the work, the work I do is more... in the same way that I was making maybe a place for myself, now I want to make places for other people. And the only way to do that is to start with other people. A working day is very different now, it is in the middle of other people, it is in the middle of a studio with people. We are constantly talking, discussing. The way the studio works is maybe I start a project of with a general idea but the way the studio doesn't work is I have an idea and everybody else carries it out. It's more I start with an idea and everybody argues about. [...] The idea comes from some mix from all of us. So it's a very different way of working. [...] The more work has become architectural the more work occupies almost every minute of my day. It probably did then but a lot of it was sort of research material. It was a research period then you can do a piece. Now research becomes very much a part. It becomes harder to read now than I did then, but it might be the time. It's very difficult to read in a computer world. Reading is a private activity. It's even more difficult to see movies now. I always wish movies could be projected on buildings on the street so as you walk through a city you can also see a movie. You could be in the real space of a city and in the virtual space of a movie at the same time.

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