Green Chapter 5

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S.R.: Well, I have only one more question. This is more about your working situation. How do you describe your typical and you ideal daily work as an artist?

R.G.: It's incorporating a lot of different things; it's the daily-living aspect. How would I describe it? Complicated! In a way attempting to balance a lot of different things from every day situations for trying to exist, pay the bills, deal with various forms of bureaucracy and administration in the administered world as well as try to enjoy different aspects of living. And that's one of the main things I try to focus on in terms of thinking about work and how to incorporate the pleasure into the work and as well as beeing reflecting on the conditions that we live in in the world, and thinking about the relations between the different places and the different people and the different kinds of contradictory conditions and imbalances and disparaties – all these different things. The course of a day is usually covering a combination of things, from trying to get to the point of having the time to reflect as well as in doing the actual work, making the preparations and teaching and reading and writing – all these different things.

S.R.: And what is your ideal?

R.G.: My ideal?

S.R.: When you say: I want to do for one week, I only want to do what I like mostly.

R.G.: Only what I want? What I really like would be to have time to think quietly, to sit in the garden, to swim, to read, to film, to compose – ideally I would like to focus on these things. And that's what I do pretty much, I try to divide it up in the 24 hours of the day.

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